Investment Framework

A ten-year investment framework (2021 – 2030) that priorities national and regional actions on haze reduction to include required and planned investments and contributions estimated at US$1.5 billion. The basis for the investment framework are the ASEAN Haze-Free Roadmap, the updated APSMPE (2021-2030), ASEAN Blueprint 2025, priority actions identified in upgraded National Action Plans on Peatlands (NAPPs), and final review of ASEAN Haze Roadmap. The investment framework will split activities at national and regional levels that enables predictable funding flows and potential for joint programme and project development among AMS and MAHFSA members. The collaborative approach will reduce duplication and parallel initiatives and generate more synergistic action. The ten-year investment framework supported by MAHFSA will also complement and support the ASEAN Transboundary Haze Pollution Control Fund (Haze Fund). This framework is anticipated to directly support at least 100,000 smallholder farmers to adopt and enhance haze-free agricultural practices1 and improved living conditions for over a million rural households from reduced haze impacts.

1 Agricultural practices include oil palm, cash crops, agroforestry and forest products.

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