Enhancing Climate Action through Peatlands

December 1, 2022

Location: Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

In week 2 of COP27, GEC and Wetlands International in collaboration with FAO, Greifswald Mire Centre, IFAD, Ramsar Convention on Wetlands Secretariat and UNEP – Global Peatland Initiative organised an Official Side Event on “Enhancing Climate Action through Peatlands” which speakers discussed the criticality of safeguarding our precious peatland ecosystems.

In concluding the forum, Mr Parish, Director of GEC, reiterated the need to rewet and restore degraded peatlands, enhance the protection of existing peat ecosystems, consider peatlands in the climate adaptation strategies and integrate the positive benefits of peatlands on the economy.

This forum was attended by over 50 delegates, including speakers and organisers, with 90 over viewers following the session live via COP27 Official Youtube Channel. By the end of UNFCCC COP27, the Youtube video recording received more than 1,500 views.

Speakers include: Dr Vong Sok, ASEAN Secretariat; Ms Sri Parwati Murwani Budisusanti, Indonesia; Mr Manuel García Rosell, Peru; Mr Shaq Koyok, Indigenous Peoples’ representative, Malaysia; Ms Jane Madgwick, Wetlands International; Mr Faizal Parish, GEC; Ms Amy Duchelle, FAO; IFAD/ASEAN Secretariat; among others.

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