Sixth Malaysian Forestry Conference

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[See FA 39, 756] A selection of papers from this conference held in Kuching, Sarawak, in Oct. 1976. The 6 papers in this issue all deal with forest products:Lew, W.H. The concept of production oriented research. [4 ref.] An outline of the work of the Timber Research Laboratory (TRL) of the Forest Research Institute, Kepong, which was founded in 1929. Future research work will have a greater degree of industrial application.Dan, J.M. The prospects of log importation for industrial expansion in Peninsular Malaysia. [4 ref.]McArthur, E.; Tan, Y.K. Contribution of timber research towards socio-economic development in Sarawak. [7 ref.]Wong, T.M. Prospects for timber in housing. [8 ref.] A discussion of the advantages, economics, fire performance and legal aspects of timber as a building material, with a table of Malaysian timbers commonly used for various structural components in buildings.Ho, K.S. The growth of the sawmilling industry in Peninsular Malaysia and its impact on socio-economic development. [15 ref.] With tables and a map.Chu, Y.P. Prototype testing in the economic use of timber with particular reference to the trussed rafter. [2 ref.] Describes the method of testing prototype trusses at Kepong, based on British Standard Code of Practice CP 112-67.


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